Education is an important part of living and working segments of each man. Knowledge of each individual in a special way is also its capital, its investment in himself/herself that will result in success. Each generation always believed to participate in change and creating a new one. However, no changes were so fast and present in all areas of human activity such as these recent ones. Operations performed with the knowledge that was long ago collected or used to be taught, are more and more rare. Each individual must work independently on himself, and to educate through various forms of informal education.

Viewed today, education in the information-time, does not depend on and can not depend on the will of a person or a small number of people who would have the task of deciding, but it achieves and plans through actions of numerous participants, teachers, students, parents, employers and the state as a whole. Hence, it is urgent to develop a plan, so

instructional materials for students can be formed in a pedagogical, methodological format, which will students and the older generation train for the present and the future based on informational communication technology.

With utilization of information technology many authors noticed the need to process educational content from all other subjects, ie. other scientific disciplines with the help of computers and their resources. Based on the experiences of educational systems in other world countries we started with the innovation of educational technology, complement the teaching methods with students. With the help of professionally processed content, images, video and audio, students are offered with more interesting. obvious and rational presentation of material, which is part of education. In development of this idea the most helpful was Internet which teachers students and experts used to present their work and tasks in order to help other in studying or to get answers on some specific questions.

Education Technology and Instructional technology are often used terms in argues about the education. Education technology seems as a common need of technology in education, and Instructional technology is a direct implementation of technology in stydy process so it makes a subset of Education technology. The structure of educational technology contains two components:

The first component contains different teaching materials and teaching aids (computers, projectors. digital cameras etc.), while the second component is related to various processes that accompany education. Many authors (Kosakowski, 1988.; Schacter, 1999.; Wilmot, Jasen, 2001.; Jenson, Brayson, 2002.) argue that integration of contemporary technologies in study process and teaching presents:

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